Double Burner – Model DB202

The patented Blue Flame Stoves Double Burner is a safe, clean burning and durable ethanol cookstove. The unique burning technology produces negligible soot and particles.

The integrated windshields of the improved DB202 model ensure effective cooking in exposed conditions. The windshields also shield the user from open flames and enhance the safety aspects of cooking by surrounding the pots (up to 25cm in diameter) and keeping them in place. Larger pots with more than 25 cm diameter and larger pans are placed on the pot support above the windshield. 

The pot supports are solid and removable for cleaning. The fuel canisters slide out for easy refilling and are filled with mineral wool for safe fuel retention. The mineral wool can be replaced to extend the life of the canisters. Regulators are used to adjust the flame. Rubber feet keep the cookstove stable.

ModelDB202 – Double Burner
Power (High)*1.6kW
Power (Low)*0.3kW
Canister capacity*1.2 litres
Cooking time1L = 5+ hours (average of High/Low power)
Cooking capacity*0.75L = 3 meals for 5-7 people
Max. pot size*15L / 20kg
Fuel RequiredEthanol / Bioethanol
Canister weight0.7kg empty, 1.65kg full
Stove weight4.8kg (including 2 canisters)
Efficiency*Greater than 65%
Emissions*Negligible soot and CO emissions. Emissions below WHO standards
Dimensions70.2 x 31.8 x 15.6cm
Stove lifetime5 to 10 years expected
WarrantyStove 3 years, canister 1 year
ColoursBlue (other colors depend on quantity)
*per burner