Blue Flame Stoves is a supplier of high quality, safe and affordable ethanol cooking stoves for the African Market.

Below you can see our current range of clean burning ethanol stoves. All our stoves now come with a windshield which makes them effective even outdoors where our competitors really struggle. Our stoves are equipped with a removable fuel canister which slides out for easy refilling when empty.

Best in test performance

The combination of high performance and lowest emission of soot and other particles are unique. The CO footprint is also very low. The stoves are tested by SeTAR in South Africa and by KEBS in Kenya, every time with very satisfactory results.

Real life performance

Cooking conditions in Africa are often windy, even indoors.  African users are used to the need for good ventilation and air circulation. This was necessary when using charcoal, but wind will reduce the performance of most ethanol stoves. The slightest draft turns the flames away from the pot.  On most stoves a slight breeze blows the flames away from the pot, making it difficult to heat the food to reach 100deg C !  We have done the only sensible thing, making stoves with an integrated windshield that secures performance under all conditions.

Quality and lifespan

The materials used are of the highest quality, securing a long life and stable performance. All parts in close contact with the flames are of 304 grade stainless steel, which is the recommended material quality for ethanol handling.   The canister for ethanol is also of 304, and therefore made to last.  The performance and lifespan of the canister is however dependent of the quality of the ethanol you use.  Sometimes you may be forced to burn low quality ethanol or ethanol with too high water content.  Over time this will contaminate the rock wool inside and clog the wick. As a result, the performance drops. Our canister design  allows for replacement of the rock wool and wick material, thus extending the canister life considerably.

SAFI Double Burner stoves